Meeting Updates April 10th


The April Aktion Club meeting is on April 20th at 10:30.  We will have fun with Playdoh.  Come join us if you have the time!

Our 2017 Charity Golf Tournament is a mere 2 weeks away.  Joel is asking for 2 more foursomes and any golfer prizes you can obtain.  We hope you’ve signed up to join us on the day of the tournament!

Thank you to all who attended the latest BUGs ceremony on Friday, April 7th.  The event was a huge success that allowed us to be in front of over 250 students and their parents.  Everyone who attended had a wonderful time.





Our K Kids Club at Sally B Mathis is looking to have a school dance to raise funds for a field trip.  We are looking for donations of items the kids can sell at the dance.  Any can sodas, single serve chips or single serve candy would be great.

Thank you to those who attended the latest InterClub meeting.  We had 6 attendees in Fernandina Beach.

The next Highway Clean Up is on Tuesday, April 11th.  Contact Steve if you would like to join him.

Thank you to our guest speaker, Andelle Wallace from the Downtown Investment Authority.  It was an amazingly informative presentation about our downtown.





Meeting Updates: April 3rd

IMG_0001Our Golf Tournament is just a few weeks away.  Know golfers?!? Please ask them to join us for the tournament.  We also need sponsors and prizes.  Do your best to make the last few weeks as impactful as possible!!

Aktion Club will be April 20th at 10:30.  We will do a spring project.  Join us if you can!

Our next BUGs(Bringing Up Grades) ceremony is this Friday, April 7th.  We hope you are able to join us for the event.  the kids are a fun way to start your weekend off right.  The excitement is contagious!

Our K-Kids program is planning a school dance to raise funds for a field trip.  We ask that you bring in can cokes, snack size bags of chips or individually wrapped candy that the kids can sell to raise money.  They are also starting a beautification project of the school.  The kids want to plant a garden.

Tonight is our next InterClub.  Thank you for all who are attending.  Steve is also doing an adopt-a-highway clean up on April 11th.  If you are available, Steve is looking for at least one more member to make out the team.  Please contact Steve if you are available.

Our April Birthdays:

Tom Jenks

Jason Henika

50/50 drawing winner: Roger Godbee

We had a wonderful speaker today as well.  Thank you to Alexander Warmka who works with the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.  Alexander’s talk focused on the Consumer Services side of the organization.  He gave some great information, including how to join the Florida Do Not Call List.  To do so, click HERE. We appreciate you joining us, Alexander!