Meeting Notes November 6, 2017

K-Kids will remain at Sally B. Mathis next year

BUGS – looking for a new school for next year

Interclub – next meeting will be in January

Rande shared that Kiwanis is working 513.5 hours at the fair this year!

Save-A-Round Book Fundraiser:

  • Sample Books / Sales Packets distributed today.
  • Due back December 4th.
  • Can order online for any city (additional $5 for shipping)


Kiwanis Tony Cultural Council

TONY ALLEGRETTI,  Executive Director of Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville

  • Visit the Cultural Council Website for more information
  • Council receives allocation from City budget, which provides grants to 26 non-profit organizations
  • Funds are used for operating costs (payroll, etc.)
  • There are nearly 1,500 employees of organizations that receive grant funds
  • Focused on kids in under serviced areas
    • Cultural service internship – Students met with executive directors of all cultural organizations that receive cultural funding. The students created a blog to raise awareness for peers and family members
    • Lift Every Student – Supports exposure of children from low socio-economic areas to culture and art in the community
  • Cultural Council provides opportunities for artists and students to create business opportunities
  • Rande asked about murals on silos near the Hart Bridge – These were created (in two days!!) by “Art Republic”.