Meeting Notes 3/05/18


3/2 Tom and John


Thursday, 3/15 at 12:00 at Cross Creek Restaurant

Golf Tournament:

Everyone needs to focus on finding golfers for the tournament! We currently have one platinum sponsor; one gold sponsor, and two silver sponsors. two golf foursomes,  and Jim B has been brining in many gift cards as prizes.


Was cancelled last week, but has been rescheduled to 3/22 at Pinecastle at 10:30 AM.

BUGs and K-Kids

Rande is continuing to have conversations with Spring Park Elementary for the BUGS and K-Kids programs for next year.

Boat Show Fund Raiser

Rande is continuing to research the opportunity to provide beverages to the Boat Show on April 13, 14, and 15. He is working with them to determine if we could be covered under the insurance for the show. The opportunity would involve serving beer and wine. Rande will come back to the club with a proposal once he has final details.


Rayna and Tony attended a seminar regarding improving membership, where satellite club was discussed. This was discussed with the board and Rayna and Tony will be evaluating and possibly proposing an evening club as an addition to our current lunch meeting schedule.

Cultural Council

Cheyenne’s family has donated the wall of their business to place murals and urban art. The council is working with the children to encourage leadership and to encourage participation in STEM Programs, (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and Art. The wall will have a space theme and will feature Taylor Richardson, a 5th grader with a “mission to mars”. She has raised funds within the community to take disadvantaged children to motivation movie opportunities and encourage their participation in STEM programs. She has been on Good Morning America, the Today Show and worked with several celebrities to promote STEM initiatives. For more information

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IMG_0001 2.JPGKenya Waddell Bell, Special Events Manager, Volunteer Coordinator

The Salvation Army

(904) 301-4852

The Kiwanis of Jax kettle raised $550 this year!