Meeting Update 12/10/18

Boat Show: Our position is secure for next year. Rande is working with the promoters to determine if we should have one location instead of two

Christmas Party: 28 people attended; presented Alma with Christmas check, almost $300

Kettle Drive $548 collected

Happy Dollars:

  • Bill: happy to bring family to Christmas party and share personal Christmas story from time in the military; Southside Church presentation coming up Fri, Sat, Sun night, tickets are free
  • Bob Young: Christmas Party
  • John: Friend recovering

50/50: $8 won by Rande

Fair Update:

Rande believes the job has become more complex and requires significant trust and deserves more compensation to the club.

Current compensation $5,800 for the past ~4 years; this is ~ $10.17

The fair also provide a $1,000 donation in the club’s name


  1. Business as usual, continue as currently negotiated
  2. Decline to participate any more
  3. Update compensation ($9,800 ?) Take that money and offer a certain amount ($1,500 ?) to other Kiwanis clubs to take shifts (Arlington, Westside,